Cass-a-Bella Construction is the largest addition builder by volume offers for the month of AUGUST/SEPTEMBER


Cass-A-Bella Construction provides complete service from start to finish or build from your drawings. We provide a detailed contract with a full list of materials, time lines, costing and payment schedules. Quality workmanship by our skilled licensed tradesmen, our proven scheduling management technique and our long history of exceptional well-built projects all provide you the comfort you need to make a sound choice for a builder that delivers. With a list of satisfied customers for you to meet and countless projects for you to see in our photo gallery, you will agree that ‘‘quality’ makes the difference.

Custom Home Builder

Cass-A-Bella Construction focuses on construction of new custom build homes in the surrounding Toronto area. We remove the existing home and start over to build a custom home for a family which is designed and build with quality workmanship in mind.

Cass-A-Bella Construction

Home Additions

When a home owner wants to add some more living space, a custom home addition including rear addition may be the option. Our service is exceptional by providing custom home additions to your existing home where we design and build additional living space into your existing home and upgrade key living areas including kitchens and bathrooms. We provide the home owner with a fully renovated home built with craftsmanship and designed to suit their family.

Cass-A-Bella Construction

Services we provide:

  • Design
  • Project consultation
  • Financial/Planning Assistance
  • Major Renovations
  • Home Improvements
  • Additions – first, second or rear.
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Porticos
  • Custom Homes
  • Home Renovations


  • Discuss design
  • Project aesthetics
  • Budget requirements
  • Family space planning

City issues/permits

  • Zoning examination
  • Preliminary process review application
  • Committee of adjustment representation
  • Permit application
  • Building inspections
  • Electrical inspections


  • Working drawings
  • Heat loss/gain drawings
  • Engineering drawings
  • Water management drawings
  • Design drawings
  • City plan drawings
  • Survey drawings


  • Fully detailed
  • Time frames
  • Payment plan
  • Fixed costing


  • OBC standards
  • High quality workmanship
  • Licensed tradesmen
  • Quality materials
  • Built on time

Home Renovations

  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Finished Basements
  • And more

Our Suppliers:

Quality Bathroom Renovations

Are you disgusted with your bathroom appearance? Do cracked tiles, dingy shower stalls and outdated bathroom fixtures discourage you from inviting company to your home? Would you like to add a guest bath? How about extra bathroom space for your teenagers? You can find solutions to all your bathroom renovation needs with Cass-A-Bella Construction.

Cass-A-Bella Construction is a trusted source for quality bathroom renovation and bath additions in the Toronto area. Whether you wish to enlarge your existing bathroom, or update tub and faucets, or perhaps add a private spa, Cass-A-Bella has design plans and a reliable bathroom renovation contractor who are professionals at remodeling and utilizing the best and latest innovations. Many older homes tend to have small master bathrooms and even smaller guest baths that do not meet the needs of a growing family. The benefits of adding a bath or remodeling an outdated bathroom are numerous, not withstanding adding to your home resale value.

Energy saving resources are all the rage right at this moment because of rising utility costs. The time is now to save energy and water by installing low flow commodes, hands-free faucets, low flow shower fixtures and instant hot water. Safety is another important issue to consider, especially for those who need a little extra assistance getting in or out of the tub. Walk-in tubs and handrails provide safe access to the tub and minimize falls. In addition, it is always wise to include extra storage space to the bathroom when doing a total makeover or tear-out. Look for cabinets and shelves that give more room to store towels, toiletries, linens, and even organize craft projects. A bathroom renovation is the perfect opportunity to increase closet space.

Perhaps you would like to take on the role of designers and choose your style. Envision a tranquil master bathroom with a whirlpool tub, soft lighting, and gorgeous fixtures. The style of the bathroom remodel is an important consideration. Make sure you get what you what. Some bathroom reno refashion the baths decor to the era of the home. For instance, Victorian or shabby chic decor is popular with interior decorators and blends in with historical homes or farmhouses. Other design choices include modernizing and updating your bathroom with designs such as, contemporary clean lines, relaxing nature-inspired decor, or a luxurious spa retreat. There are also many green choices available in tiling materials to consider; ceramic, marble, granite, wood, metals, and glass are all popular choices and they will most likely use recycled or natural materials.

Now is the time to remodel or add a new bath to your home. You can be assured the reliable Cass-A-Bella Construction bathroom renovation contractor will meet all of your expectations and go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Cass-A-Bella Construction specializes in large-scale additions, custom homes and home renovations and we hope that you have had an opportunity to have viewed some of our projects being built on streets such as: King St., Valentine Dr., Featherthon Ave., Laurentide Dr., Lawlor Ave., Courcelette Dr., Mortimer Ave., Prince Andrew Ave., Broadmore Ave., Sutherland Ave., Gracefeild Ave., Kingland Ave., Shields Ave., McRae Drive., Rochester Ave., Hurlingham Cres., Lord Seaton, Rosemary Lane, Abinger Cres., Library Lane, Lake Promenade Ave., Dinnick Cres., Lappin Ave., Prince John Blvd., Gidley Rd., Yorkview Drive, Sir Raymond Dr., Notley Place, Marmot Street, Inglewood Ave., Orfus Rd., Wellington St. W., Crestview Ave. , Goswell Rd., Island of Georgina, Shudel Ave., High Bush Trail, Lynedale Ave., Waverly Ave., Robina Ave., The Kingsway, Great Oak Drive, Dufferin St., Stuart Ave., Martin Grove, Millbrook Ave., Rathburn Rd., Bassano Rd., Stuart Cres., Lyndhurst Ave.