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Our Process


The initial consultation will take place in your home with one of Cass-a-Bella acclaimed designers. At the 1-2 hour meeting you will discuss your wish list, objectives and desired investment range. The main purpose will be to spend time getting to know one another so you and Cass-a-Bella can determine if we would be a good fit to work together. At the end of this meeting it is okay to say "no" if you do not want to proceed with our company. If we determine that we are a good fit, the next step will be to sign the Design/Build Renovation Agreement, our design team can start planning and designing your spectacular new space.


Within the next 10 days, you will need to provide the Design Team with inspirational images that reflect your design style and vision for the space. In addition, you will need to take some time and answer our design vision questionnaire so the design team can start concept and design development.


Concept and design development is part of the planning stage, and is essential to the success of any home renovation. During the next few weeks, our professionals will measure the premises and produce an existing floor plan of your space. The Design Team will begin to prepare concepts through drawings and sketches, establish a preliminary scope of work with an approximate budget, and select finishes, materials.


Upon completion of Concept and Design Development, a presentation meeting will be scheduled by Cass-a-Bella to discuss, review and finalize the design, scope of work and finishes. At this time, any changes required will be made. As well, the initial investment range will be reviewed in relation to the budget and design, and any necessary adjustments will be made.


Upon approval of the concepts, finishes, scope of work and budget, the Design Team will complete the working drawings as required. Our design and construction experts will meet on site to inspect your home and determine if there are any visible challenges or underlying issues that we can deal with prior to construction starting. Addressing these issues early in the process will save everyone time and, hopefully, unexpected costs.


Your designer will schedule a presentation meeting, at which you will be presented with the final drawings, detailed scope of work, specified colour chart and Fixed-Price Construction Agreement. Everything will be included, with no additional costs or surprises. Together, you and the designer will review the entire scope of work, line by line, along with a finishing schedule. If, for any reason, finishes have not yet been selected, allowances will be allocated accordingly. Upon signing this Construction Agreement, a start date will be determined, and you will need to give Cass-a-Bella the keys to the premises.


Our customers trust us implicitly because integrity lies at the heart of our work ethic. The most successful renovation projects result from a seamless, trustworthy and transparent process. We succeed because of our unparalleled commitment to ensuring your project is built to your specifications, and exceeds your expectations. Our team will be there, every step of the way, to create a space that suits your needs and reflects your vision. We want you to feel peace of mind knowing that every detail of your project is carefully considered and meticulously executed.


We understand how every renovation comes with an emotional investment on your part. That’s why our entire team is committed to earning your trust, respecting your time and safeguarding your home investment. We take pride in knowing that our customers are happy and proud of their home. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and lead by example. Cass-a-Bella 15 years of experience, combined with our high consumer satisfaction rate, fixed-price and 5 year warranty, are all a testament to our commitment and ability to make your home brand new again.


We need our customers to believe we can create spaces that capture the essence of who they truly are. Cass-a-Bella designs and builds flawlessly crafted spaces to suit the needs and lifestyles of our customers. Our philosophy has always been to put our customers first — and we start by listening. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize each project, dedicating time to get to know each customer. Through open and honest communication, we form life-long friendships with our customers.