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Intelligent Design, Licensed Tradesmen, Quality, Workmanship, Fixed Cost, Detailed Contracts, Long History of Additions are the sum of what sets apart one builder from another. When it comes to selecting a builder, do not focus on the price, but more importantly what you are getting for the price. Time frames, quality materials, workmanship and ability to deliver the service/project are what counts. There are no deals when it comes to additions. Be an educated consumer, do your home work. Visit a builder's web site and read up on them, visit their work site, visit their office and get a visual of how they run their business.

Select a builder that has the capability to deliver the project. Put your trust and hard earned investment dollars as well as your family's future in the hands of a reputable builder. Trust Cass-A-Bella Construction.

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Home Addition Costs

Second Floor, Rear Addition and Costs associated to living in the Toronto GTA

When planning to expand your home and building a second floor home addition, a rear addition or adding more living space in your home you must focus your attention to 3 key factors before starting any major project on your home.


The costs to design and build a home addition costs is the first fact to consider. Establish your budget and how you plan to finance it. How much do I want to spend to complete the home addition, from start to finish?


City permits are required and included in the fees associated with city building permits in Toronto is the time-frame needed for the task to be complete. Consider costs to be approximately $5000-$10,000 to build. When going underground such as underpinning a home, consider those costs to rise.


Taxes are a fact of building in Toronto and in Ontario. HST taxes are charged on the project at a current rate of 13%.
Obstacles surrounding my home

It could be a tree in front of your home which you may walk by each day or that your home only has 3 feet of space next to your neighbor. Every situation is different an honest and realistic analyze of your homes surroundings will help you understand the costs involved. At Cass-a-Bella Construction we once received an inquiry about a customer who wanted to add a second floor addition. The family did not take the big tree on their property into consideration for the higher costs in building which included city permits costs and time.

KEY FACT #2 - Time

A key factor when planning a home addition is how much time it will take to complete the project. It is often under estimated but time and planning should be taking into considering before starting. Consider the other key facts such as costs to build and hiring a contractor and include the different seasons in Toronto and you can be looking at 9 month – 1 year. It is impossible to build a second floor addition with no permits and no design in 3 months. Be realistic and plan ahead to keep costs down does require time for all the project details to be completed.

Home Addition Costs

Key Fact #3 - Hiring the right contractor

A company which is reputable and able to handle a home addition project is important. Customer reviews and testimonials should also be taken into consideration as well as viewing past completed projects.

Adding more living space in your home is NOT something home owners can accomplish on their own. A home owner will have a tough time being the project manager and getting in all the trades at the right times to ensure the project is completed right the first time. If the home owners have a job or career, this makes it impossible. At Cass-a-Bella Construction we are a team consisting of construction project managers, sales persons, designers, architects and people behind the scene ensuring all deadlines and project goals are being met. For the home owner we provide a clear project plan and main contact person. We deliver quality workmanship and craftsmanship making us one of the premier Tarion home builders in Toronto. With over 100 homes building in Toronto, Cass-a-Bella Construction builds more homes each year than 98% of the custom home builders in Toronto.

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These are general articles which we believe provide good information for a home owner with some of the basics topics and information someone would need.

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